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Building of Pesti Vigadó
Building of Pesti Vigadó - was built in a romantic style, based on the plans of Frigyes Feszl, the Pesti Vigadó between 1859 and 1865.
The Fountain
The Fountain of the Water Dripping Children in the middle of the square is the work of Károly Senyei (1896). In the middle of this stands a bronze sculpture composition on a round limestone bench.
Girl With a Dog
On the edge of the square facing the Danube, on the sidewalk, on the pedestal of a lamppost, sits a life-size bronze statue of Dávid Raffay: Girl with a dog.



One of the most beautiful squares in Budapest is Vigadó Square. It is located between the city center and the banks of the Danube, a square usually popular with tourists, with a fountain in the middle.

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