Ricoh Theta Plug-in


We built this website, a media platform, optimized for 360 live streaming to provide a dedicated service to potential users, museums, other institutions both individuals too, who would like to use their device to stream easily in 360 degrees.

We will turn on features on this platform upcoming weeks (July 2021).

The plug-in that we developed for Theta Z1 is available now to download and install at Ricoh Plug-In Store. Below is a tutorial video how to install this plugin to Z1 and use this new plugin to stream to Facebook, but can stream to any other platform that supports VR 360 format and RTMP.

Will provide information on this page for Ricoh Theta users, once the Plug-in is released. To be able to setup your Theta Z1 (or V) and start live streaming proceed accordingly:

  • Please download the "HDR Wireless Live Streaming" plugin on Ricoh Theta Store  and
  • Register an account on our website for free here 
  • Login to your account and click SETUP, where you will have to enter information to start live streaming. For now you can stream toward Facebook or YouTube, but will soon start testing and will allow you streaming directly to our platform too. 
  • After you finished setup on our site, which means you entered serial number of you device, entered URL and Stream name for RTMP connection, you can start your Ricoh Theta device and run the "HDR Wireless Live Streaming" plug-in. Make sure that you are connected to a wireless network which provides a stable upload bandwidth, otherwise
  • Start the live streaming as usually by pressing button on camera. To stop live streaming push again.

You can post comments on this page in case of any issues, please feel free to do so. 

Our platform is not production ready yet, please keep in mind that we may have to disable plug-in, or remove. Our site may also be down, which may stop you from starting live streaming.

Development work is in progress, both on plug-in and website, please be patient!



hi! I would appreciate if you share some feedback about plugin here, add your comments/questions here and I will do my best to answer and help. Thanks!

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