Would you like to do live virtual tours from your museum or other places? Please contact us.

watch virtual tours, events like you were there...

We will help you to join and watch virtual tours in museums, attend exhibitions, get to cities anywhere in the world.
We built this website and related services to help people to attend events where they can't be (or won't) in-person.
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What We Provide

We built a website to let people join events, tours virtually, by browsing this site.

Connecting Museums, other places, with viewers, virtual tourists, broadcasting live streams to dozens, hundreds at the same time

We picked technologies and servers, that can cover the globe and the only requirement is a decent internet bandwidth

Museums, places, "owners" of the tour or event can ask viewers to buy a ticket.

Would you like to make a live tour here, from a museum, or from other interesting place, to get audience virtually too?