My name is Laszlo B.Varga, I'm s Software Architect, living in Europe, in Hungary. As owner and lead programmer at company "Web and Build Solutions Ltd", I did my best to use my experience I gained during last 15 years. I worked on lot of enterprise level websites, did lot of system integrations, data mining, transformations. Worked both on back end and front end, but did my best to stay in the middle.  

Flow.tours is built not to replace real, one person tours or events, but to extend these with virtual audience. To provide an easy to use, dedicated service both for hosts, places, both for audience. It's important to note that we provide 100% dedicated server capacity for broadcasting high demand live streams. 

For now our website and services are in test phase, planning to go live at the end of April, 2021. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case you have any questions or thoughts, or would like to participate in tests or use our services.