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Online space

Extend your audience with online visitors

We built a streaming platform, which will introduce functionalities that can be used to hold online virtual events, let online audience see exhibitions on any device, directly using web browsers. Will start placing content very soon, but we mainly focus on 360 degree live video, where online audience is able to look around during event to any direction. Also it will be interactive, so viewers can ask questions by writing comments, and host can answer questions during live streaming directly. Will place more content on this site next weeks. Planning to launch the site for beta testing very soon, during April 2021.

Please look at these two introduction videos, these were live streams, but I recorded on server to be able to see. There is already an improvement in quality and of course, any 360 degree camera can be used. For now we optimize for Ricoh Theta products and also doing tests with Qoocam 8K.