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Building of Pesti Vigadó
Building of Pesti Vigadó - was built in a romantic style, based on the plans of Frigyes Feszl, the Pesti Vigadó between 1859 and 1865.
The Fountain
The Fountain of the Water Dripping Children in the middle of the square is the work of Károly Senyei (1896). In the middle of this stands a bronze sculpture composition on a round limestone bench.
Girl With a Dog
On the edge of the square facing the Danube, on the sidewalk, on the pedestal of a lamppost, sits a life-size bronze statue of Dávid Raffay: Girl with a dog.



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This live stream was done by a Ricoh Theta Z1, using a software built by us, to connect to my mobile phone network via WiFi. This 360 camera was connected to a power bank and no other equipment was used. I must highlight that the original software/wireless plugin doesn't provide such a good quality as this. I modified, adjusted the software to increase quality and connection stability. I'm using my own media server to broadcast and to record this stream as is. No video editing, no modification was done, live stream recorded as is. 

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Hi! This is a comment, during live streaming, participants can ask questions and host can answer live...or go back to a place again, or show an artwork a building closer, etc. Trying to cover as much as possible different use cases.

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